Headshot Photography for Actors and Business

Welcome to Pure Headshots, a specialist headshot photographer based in Berkshire, but regularly shooting in London, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Wiltshire. We’ve been shooting headshots for over five years working with actors, acting schools (The Reel Scene), models, and corporate clients across the UK.
The headshot has never been more important in our ever increasingly visual world. The rise of social media combined with the smartphone selfie means that headshots are everywhere and we are being judged on what we upload to the internet. Whether you are an aspiring actor adding a new headshot to your spotlight profile or a company updating headshots on their 'about' page then it’s important to think about what the image says about you.
As the name of our studio suggest, we are focused on the purity and honesty of the headshot. It may sound obvious, but a headshot must actually look like you! The biggest mistake a client can make is to expect a photographer to mis-represent or over glamorise them - the last thing a casting director or agent wants is to invite you to an audition and then someone walks through the door who is unrecognisable from the image in front of them. It is our job at Pure Headshots to use our photographic knowledge, experience of lighting, direction and industry expertise, to accurately photograph you at your very best so your headshot ‘pops off the page’.
We understand that every client is unique and has different requirements for a headshot so  we take time to understand you. So if you’d like to discuss your headshot in more then please get in touch
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